What Is Nattokinase?

What if we told us that a powerful, all-natural supplement known for its amazing anti-clotting properties and ability to deter heart diseases and stroke existed? Would you believe us?

Probably not. And here’s the thing — we wouldn’t blame you either. In today’s world, nothing is natural anymore. People fight bacteria with medicine, injuries with medicine and heart diseases with (you guessed it!) even more medicine.

To come across a supplement that is both natural and effective at the same time is therefore a rarity. But it’s not impossible.

Yes, we’re now talking about nattokinase. If you are unfamiliar with this proteolytic enzyme, here’s what you need to know about it.

What is nattokinase?

Quite simply, nattokinase is a proteolytic enzyme that is extracted from natto, a popular Japanese food that is better appreciated by Westerners for its health benefits rather than its taste. As we mentioned above, nattokinase is a natural enzyme that has been used as a folk medicine for heart diseases as well as circulatory diseases for hundreds of years. Nattokinase can only be found in natto.

What are the benefits of nattokinase?

The benefits of nattokinase are very well documented and extend across the entire human body. Here are some of them:

Anti-clotting properties: When it comes to clots, nothing prevents them better than nattokinase — and nothing dissolves them better than nattokinase as well. This is mostly due to the enzyme’s ability to dissolve fibrin, a protein that is formed during blood clotting and that sometimes refuses to dissolve naturally. Furthermore, nattokinase also increases the production of plasmin within your body, the latter’s first natural defense against blood clots.

Lowers blood pressure: Nattokinase has also been known to lower blood pressure. Scientists attribute this benefit to nattokinase’s ability to prevent the formation of a blood pressure raising enzyme, effectively lowering blood pressure in the process.

Blood cleaning properties:  If you are reading this article, chances are that your blood is crawling with nasty little things such as toxins and cellular debris. Over time, those toxins, undigested proteins and cellular debris can lead to blood clots… or worse. Nattokinase can help breaking down those unwanted wastes, resulting in a cleaner (and healthier) blood.

 Is nattokinase safe?

By now you are probably thinking that nattokinase is too good to be true, right? Or that there must be a catch.

You are wrong.

Nattokinase is safe to use — most of the time. We say most of the time because (as is the case with most enzyme supplements) taking it alongside other medications can prove to be troublesome. Firstly, there is the whole matter of blood thinning medications. If you are currently on one, or if you suffer from a bleeding disorder, then we encourage you to stay away from nattokinase until you have the approval of your doctor. This is simply because nattokinase thins the blood and could potentially worsen an already dangerous health condition. And secondly, because nattokinase lowers blood pressure, it goes without saying that if you already suffer from low blood pressure you should steer clear of it.

No serious side effects are linked to nattokinase. And remember — people have known about this enzyme for hundreds of years! So if you’re curious to try it, what exactly is stopping you? :)

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