Letter From Owner

Dear Fellow Health Seeker,

Thank you for visiting our website and taking interest in all our information about enzymes and the enzyme blend we plan on releasing soon.  We want to share our story with you so that you know why we believe so much in enzymes and why we are planning on one day selling our own blend of enzymes.  We are a small company started by a father and son and we want to share with you the natural health products that have changed our lives from personal experience.

When my Dad was twelve years old he was in a sledding accident that left him with a huge mass the size of a soft ball in his thigh. The only solution the medical system could offer was surgery.  Within 3 months of taking a blend of systemic enzymes, including serrapeptase, the mass was reduced to half the size and within 6 months it was the size of a ping pong ball…

Now it’s totally gone!

Every other scar on his body virtually disappeared during the same period including a very prominent gall bladder operation scar that was very bothersome.

Then five years ago he got bucked off a horse and split his pelvis wide open (literally… he split his pelvis right in half… I saw the X-Ray!).  The surgeon told him it was the most painful thing you can do to your body and the recovery time after the operation was 3-6 months and sometimes longer but for sure he couldn’t work for 4-6 weeks.  After getting two stainless steel plates installed holding my Dad’s pelvis together, he upped his dosage of systemic enzymes by having my sister sneak them into the hospital.  After 6 days he was released on a Friday.  On Tuesday my Mom, against her will, drove him to work and Wednesday he drove himself.  By Friday he threw away his crutches and on the following Monday at an appointment with the surgeon he wasn’t even using a cane.  The surgeon said he had never seen anything like it before and was absolutely amazed at how he could walk almost normally.

When I was little my Mom had a horse accident that caused her to have an operation on her knee.  After quite a few years of playing tennis and chasing too many kids and cows (we grew up on a farm) her knee gave out.  The surgeon said it was so bad he would put her on the top of his list for a knee replacement and told her no more stairs or dancing.  My Dad immediately put her on a regime of our systemic enzyme blend and she began to recover very quickly.  That was about a year ago.

This year my sister gave birth at home to her 3rd child and my Mom was there to help.  My Dad was overwhelmed with joy to witness (from a distance) his 9th grandson being born but equally tickled to see my Mom run… and I mean run up and down two flights of stairs at least a dozen times with towels and all the other necessities.

By the way, my Mom and Dad just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and my Mom turned 60 so we had a big party in February to celebrate.  My Mom literally never left the dance floor for 2 hours.  She danced with everyone!  She just wished the surgeon was there so she could have danced with him to!

That’s my Dad’s story about taking enzymes and now here’s mine… My Dad has always been into nutritional supplements and I saw him take dozens or probably hundreds of different products growing up.  When I was about 25 years old he started telling me about enzymes.  Since I got a 95% in biology in High School and University I knew a thing or two about enzymes but never thought about taking them as a supplement.

The truth is that I had heard my Dad talk about so many different health products over the years so I just sort of ignored him (sorry Dad).  Although, I should have known he would eventually convince me…

It all started after I tore ligaments in my knee for the second time!  The first time was incredibly painful and my knee swell up so that it was double the size and it took a good 4-6 weeks to even start walking normally again.  Well, I ended up tearing ligaments in my other knee playing basketball (my advice is to stop playing basketball after having 3 kids and gaining 50 pounds… lol).  It was so painful and I couldn’t stand thinking I’d be out of commission again for 6 weeks so I was willing to do anything!

That’s when my Dad told me to try enzymes.  So I did.  And within one week my swelling went right down.  My best friend who plays basketball with me couldn’t believe his eyes.  And within a couple weeks I was back walking around and fully functioning. It was absolutely crazy… I had never experienced taking a health supplement that produced such a visible, real effect.

So I stayed on enzymes… taking them every day.  My thinking was that if enzymes could take away inflammation in my knee like that then they must be doing a lot of other good in the rest of my body.  Then something bizarre happened that summer…

I grew up on a farm and I’ve had hay allergies and pollen allergies my whole life.  I don’t know what it is like to breathe normally in July.  After taking enzymes for almost a year every day I didn’t have allergies for the first time in my entire life!  The only thing I did differently was take systemic enzymes.  After doing research on Google I discovered they even help with allergies.

The bottom line is that systemic enzymes have changed my Dad’s and my life (and a lot of others who we’ve shared them with).  We have taken a LOT of natural health supplements over the years (we estimate we have spent over $200,000 on health supplements) so we know what works and what doesn’t from personal experience.

We started this company to share enzymes with the world since they have made such a profound difference in our lives. Since we are a small company we are not planning on having a lot of different products.  We are focusing on what we truly believe in and making sure it is of the highest quality.

Please make sure to subscribe to our list on the right so you can be the first to try our new Enzyme blend… we can assure you it will be one of the best on the market!

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