How to Use Systemic Enzyme Supplements

There are many things that make systemic enzymes special. Their ability to fight inflammation, for one, And of course the way they work together to alleviate a number of health conditions that affect countless of Canadians each year.

But if there is something that makes systemic enzymes even more amazing than that (in our eyes, at least), it’s how easy it is for people to purchase them and consume them. (Well, what do you expect in a post entitled “How to Use Systemic Enzyme Supplements”?) 😉

With that being said, you might want to refer to one of our earlier articles that brings up the topic of dosage, and how many systemic enzyme capsules you should take per day. You can find the article here.

However, in that article we didn’t discuss the importance of taking systemic enzyme supplements on an empty stomach. This is to ensure that your body absorbs them into the blood instead of just using them to digest your food. (A task which should mostly be left to digestive enzymes.)

To resume and to make the process a little bit clearer for you, here is how we recommend that you use systemic enzymes:

  1. Find a systemic enzyme”blend” that you are sure will be useful to alleviate a certain disease or condition, or one that will simply work in tandem with a healthy lifestyle and diet to enhance your overall health;
  2. If you suffer from a bleeding disorder, consult with your doctor before taking systemic enzyme supplements;
  3. Figure out your proper dosage. This can be done by reading the label of the product you purchased and experimenting;
  4. Try to ingest the supplements on an empty stomach;
  5. Monitor your health and keep tracks of the benefits you feel can be associated with systemic enzyme therapy;
  6. Enjoy those benefits! :)

It’s as simple as that.

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